Wednesday, June 1, 2011

True Horror: My Eden Lake (Day 4)

This is the continuing story of My Eden Lake, be sure to read all about Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3.

Wednesday - Day 4

They're Baaaaack!

Lurking behind trees on the front of the property, that is my place of work (yes, still a manuacturing facility still manufacturing nothing), Dipstick & Numbnut yell abuse at me from a safe distance as I leave work alone.

At this point, I can't lie to you, I'm getting tired of these dickheads. I pull out my trusty digital camera in order to collect even more evidence that these fucktards simply won't go away, and low and behold the sight of my camera sends them running faster than a pensioner at Thursday opening time at Aldi.

Dipstick & Numbnut flee into the night...
intimidated by the mighty power of my Canon Ixus!

Day 4 Thoughts

The Canon is mightier than the sword.

Also, I have to admit to being somewhat amused (or is it bemused?) by that fact that Dipstick & Numbnut don't seem to notice the irony of calling me a "fucking gutless pussy" whilst fleeing like seaguls at the sight of a compact digital camera.

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