Monday, May 30, 2011

True Horror: My Eden Lake (Day 3)

This is the continuing story of My Eden Lake, be sure to read all about Day 1 and Day 2.

Monday - Day 3

In between day 2 and 3 I enjoyed a relaxing weekend (yes, quietly enoying a few German lagers while watching Australian football), only to return to work the following Monday to be greeted by this...

I wonder who could possibly have done this?

I have a hunch, which my physio is working on (c'mon, that joke never gets old), but I reckon I might also know who left these gracious messages on the front entrance windows. Of course, because no one actually witnessed this misdemeanour, it's all a bit too much hassle for the Police to bother investigating.

Day 3 Thoughts

Tegan Lane was dead for 15 years before some dedicated social workers and a really smart prosecution lawyer finally put her mother behind bars. Why? Because the Police never investigated her disappearance properly in the first place.

So I guess I shouldn't be surprised that the Police are not interested in the comparitively minor misdemeanours of Dipstick & Numbnut. It's just disappointing, to me, given the evidence we have against them; a photo of Dipstick (click this link to see it, but click gently, he's only a minor), one of their darts, and half a dozen witnesses to their day 1 and 2 activities. They are clearly locals and could easily be found and charged (or at least given a warning).

The other problem is that this lack of interest from local law enforcement has clearly emboldened Dipstick & Numbnut, and you start to worry about what other crap they are going to pull if they think they can keep getting away with it.

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