Wednesday, March 30, 2011

BIQ Guide To Remakes: A Nightmare On Elm Street

Original: 1984
Remake: 2010
Best Version: Original

Similar to the Friday The 13th remake, the film-makers behind the Elm Street re-do attempted to reconcile what their main protagonist had become in the sequels with what he started out as in the original. By the time Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare hit cinemas (yes, that crap got a cinema release), Freddy was a wise-cracking cartoon character with a brightly lit latex face. This, of course, was a long way removed from the virtually mute shadowy disfigured demon that tormented the first batch of Elm Street kids in the original. Jackie Earle Haley’s interpretation of Freddy in the remake is impressive and certainly more effective than Robert Englund’s version of Freddy in the later sequels, but it's not as effective as Englund's original Freddy and it's not enough to make the 2010 version anything more than an unnecessary re-tread.

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