Thursday, May 26, 2011

True Horror: My Eden Lake (Day 2)

This is the continuing story of My Eden Lake, be sure to read all about Day 1.

Thursday - Day 2

Dipstick & Numbnut returned to my place of work (yes, the manufacturing facility that doesn't manufacture anything) to egg my car.

It's at this point I started to feel less threatened and more bemused by these losers. You see, they hit the car of a colleague (who had parked where I parked the previous day) instead of my car. My car was safely parked out of sight because I had a feeling they might return and do something like this. But, apparently these morons didn't notice that the car they egged was a completely different make and model to mine. Or maybe, they just didn't care.

Either way, I have to admit, this was actually a bit of a win for me. Firstly, my car didn't get egged. Secondly, they were pissing off more people from my office, so if this kid ever turns up dead somewhere, I won't be the only suspect.

Again, Police were notified. Again, interest in our situation was from them was, like, you know, whatever.

Day 2 Thoughts

It occurs to me now that Dipstick & Numbnut are probably well versed in how to piss people off without actually crossing a line that would make them of any interest to the Police. So I don't think they are actually dangerous, they are just a fucking nuisance.

I can can only hope that one day, when they are old enough, they'll do 65 in a 60 zone, or possibly work in a donut shop. Let's see how well they evade Police attention then.

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