Thursday, March 31, 2011

BIQ Guide To Remakes: My Bloody Valentine

Original: 1981
Remake: 2009
Best Version: Tied

I enjoyed the My Bloody Valentine remake in glorious anaglyph 3D, when it was first released on DVD. Actually, to be honest, anaglyph 3D (where you use red/cyan glasses, in case you’re wondering) is not really “glorious” at all (shocking, I know); the image is murky, the colour is all screwed up, and the 3D effects are blurry. But should I really let the crappy anaglyph 3D affect my judgement of the MBV remake? Well, if distributors are going to release it on DVD that way then, yes, I think it’s fair. So, on one hand, we have the original: a one and a half hour long commercial for Moosehead beer. On the other hand, we have the remake: a murky 3D slasher. I’m gonna call it a tie and pretend I actually thought about it for longer than it took me to check the spelling of “anaglyph”.

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