Wednesday, January 19, 2011

You’re Entitled To My Opinion: Gervais At The Globes

Did Ricky Gervais go too far with some of his jokes at this year's Golden Globe awards?

I think you can get away with being "controversial" if you're actually funny, but the problem for Gervais (as is often the problem with Gervais) is that he just wasn't.

I mean, did anyone actually find his gay Scientology gag funny? Tom Cruise and Scientology are pretty easy targets but still Gervais' gibe was clunky, and lacked any real wit. I didn't laugh, and neither did anyone at the award ceremony.

You can usually tell when people find an "offensive" or "controversial" gag funny: they laugh first and groan second. When a joke is not funny, the groan comes first, as it did on a number of occasions during Gervais' hosting duties.

And his "Ashton Kutcher's Dad" joke didn't even really make sense.

I've never found Ricky Gervais to be terribly funny and his stint on the Golden Globes hasn't changed my mind. The thing I do find amusing, however, is that many observers are now posing the question "will this kill Gervais' chances of making it big in Hollywood?" Honestly, I though Ghost Town and The Invention Of Lying already had.

Of course, in this age of faux controversy publicity stunts the whole thing was probably a deliberate attempt to generate interest in an award ceremony that no one gives a gay scientologist's dad's ass about anyway.

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