Friday, January 28, 2011

Off Topic: Dot Dot Dot

In May 2009 developer Jeremy Bush (aka Rhete) created a flash "game", Super PSTW Action RPG, that was clearly a joke parodying adventure and RPG games. PSTW stands for Press Space To Win, which is explained on the front screen of the "game".

In February 2010 a kid (aka Axeman13), too stupid to realise it was a joke, posted an earnest, but typo riddled, rant about just how crap the game was.

Amused the comments, the developer enlisted a voice actor, Deven Mack (aka D-Mac-Double), to record a reading of the review including phonetic pronunciations of all the misspellings.

Then this month, a graphic artist (aka RicePirate) created an animated flash of the comments to accompany the voice actor’s reading.

Here’s the end result, which I thought was hilarious...

…but you might think is worthles.

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