Friday, March 11, 2011

You're Entitled To My Opinion: Crazy Charlie

Does anyone here remember the last time a well-known actor seemed to completely loose his marbles in full public view? Here's a reminder:

Of course, it turned out to be an elaborate hoax designed to be the subject of, and marketing for, the faux documentary I'm Still Here.

With that in mind, am I the only one that thinks Charlie Sheen has been acting just a little bit too wacky lately? Whenever I see the latest transmission from planet Crazy Charlie, I can't help wondering whether it's all a put-on that's ultimately going to end with the release of a new documentary about his life, or some lame reality TV show.

If Charlie's lunatic rants had actually been deeply offensive (like Mel Gibson's tirades), I might think "woah, this guy has really lost it". But so far all the stuff I've seen has been pretty inoffensive. Yeah, he's been completely nutty, and even narcissistic, but ultimately he's been pretty harmless.

Just like Joaquin Phoenix.

So, am I being too cynical, or is Charlie Sheen currently giving the best performance of his career?

"Coming Soon to a theatre near you... Charlie Sheen is The Rockstar From Mars"

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